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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Nagorak, when did this become the case? My experience is kind of skewed because it was like a year after the foundry launched when I really started to make missions with combat. Even then, I don't remember mobs being so easy to kill in the foundry and being so different post-publish. Which update suddenly turned our testing mobs into unreliable test dummies?
If you're talking about needing to test with a real character, it's basically always been that way. It's because your Foundry character is only level 10. Some enemies when scaled up to level 50 become extremely overpowered and just wipe the floor with you. The balance of low level enemies (Klingons, Gorn, etc) at high levels used to be very poor.

At some point, I think with the S6 patch or so, the balance of enemies appears to have improved. It's no longer so drastically out of line. It used to be that a commander 04 group just wiped the floor with you on Elite, and a captain mob was close to impossible without dying numerous times. When I tested most recently it seems to be better-- a challenge, but not a massacre.

All the same, you still should do a final test with a higher level character just to make sure the balance is good. If our Foundry characters were level 50 this would not be necessary. Unfortunately, mine is only about level 15, and newer Foundry authors can't even level their characters because they can't do the starting quest of the game.

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