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01-02-2013, 11:01 PM

COMM ID: Shrike

No. ReDalert has not forgotten we are stationed near Japori. Your confusion is not without merit.

Seems you guys are on the ball there ... Watching the situation with interest. No comms have been received from the The Sons of Themis regarding the House of Marok, with this situation. As lawful traders we ought to be made aware of any moves to restrict our business further.
Bit disappointed with TSC's stance on this so far, letting these wannabe pirates roll in and call the shots there.
Nathan, keep the Forestal on a high readiness alert, and I will be contacting Hooch about deployment of all the CR142s to surrounding systems to back you up in the eventuality of an escalation.
If in doubt guys, trade routes elsewhere are always available ... Not so much profit, but better to be rich than dead ...
Lets be careful out there.


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