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Nice to see that pax is now speaking for cryptic and the authority on what is broken. I would like to hear branflakes explain from a devs perspective how inversion and tipler are broken. I was unaware of cryptic listing these items as broken. I am really upset that cryptic has given power to a few ppl to use this tourney to pick on fleets they dont like .Nice job cryptic way to bring the community together.Its funny how we beat a team with a setup in the q and less then a week later the entire build that we ran was banned.2 weeks away from the start of the tournament. When i asked pascal why only the ships and sets that we were useing were banned and things like 4 extend teams and 3 bug ship teams or any other setup with more than 2 of an ability or ship were allowed except ours. He said there would be too many rules if he did that. So i ask you this why was it so easy to ban everything that sob was useing and not restrict anything that other fleets are stacking like extends.Seems like we are being singled out because the people running the tourney hold grudges against sob. I cant see how cryptic can sponsor a tourney ran by people like that. As far as im concerned this tourney was the final nail in the coffin for unity in pvp.So join pascals tourney but only bring the broken stuff that he allows. And its all cryptic sponsored what a joke.
First off, the tipler console isnt that bad, its annoying, but can be managed with. The Temporal Inversion set bonus, however, is very powerful when 3-4 people on a team use them, offensively and defensively.
Heals, buffs, and weapon firing cycles are all on an extended cooldown, not to mention that your ship is also moving very slowly. AND, then you add, Warp plasma, Theta Radiation Vent, Antimatter spread, scramble sensors, etc. make even a slight attempt at countering the inversion field extremely difficult when it is spaced out just enough to keep a whole team in the inversion field for more than a single inversion would do.
Science team does not clear it, it attempts to in the 5 seconds that it is active, but is not a complete cure because it only clears in ticks, not continuously and the debuff is reapplied.
Using scramble sensors is not a clean counter, it just puts the AOE Inversion field on the opposing teams teammates.

Extend Shields gives a small gradual heal, with a resist that is based on the shield power of the extender when it is activated. if a healer goes full shield power before applying extend shields, it will have a higher resist. this ability can be dealt with pretty easy overall.
1 ) Time your subnuke/alpha between the person's extend shields that they are recieving.
2.) Force an extend shields on a dummy target then alpha/subnuke your real target
3.) Shockwave the extender to break the extend shields ability
4.) repulse the target out of the healers range, separating the extender from the target
5.) Dont forget that the person carrying extends can only use it when the team mate is withitn 7.5km. outside of that, the resist does not apply.

You do not have to have a shockwave or repulsors to deal with extends, just takes coordination and timing.

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