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01-02-2013, 11:06 PM

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It would seem that the Omega Expedition has bent over to be shafted by the House of Marok, allowing them to run their pirating operations from Verix base, now. May as well say they are doing it themselves. Our friendly status would appear to be a little rocky now.
And another thing, communication transmissions, received earlier, would indicate them to be aiding the Helghast pirate group in Balduk [Klingon] space, with another thinly disguised excuse about bailing out another bunch of low-lifes based there. Seems they just want to be starting wars whenever their jewels get hard. Been out in the boondocks for a bit too long - space madness creeping in.
Perhaps hiding behind a neutral alignment should be updated, as their intent seems to be that of making trouble.
Watch your backs everyone, seems the daggers are out. Not safe at home now ...


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