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01-03-2013, 12:32 AM
Could we get a buff to Tyken's Rift as well? The drain on it, even with 4-5 rifts out is pitiful. -7~ if you keep the target pinned in it for the full duration. That's assuming 125 Aux, 9 into Flow Capacitors, 4 Mk XI Blue Flow Cap consoles, and a Mk XI Jem'hadar Deflector and your target is Captain Horizon's Steamrunner, presumably with cappy up there specced 9 into Power Insulators. Oh yeah, the fact that the damage on the rift is both negligible and blocked by shields is just adding insult to injury. Howabout making Tyken's Rift a hybrids skill that drains shields and power levels? Or... something? It's a big nasty AoE... well... it could be. It's got no snare and is easily avoided, though you can fly through them all day long with exactly zip-o consequence. The only thing it does do is clear Heavy Torpedoes and Mines, and kinda puts the brakes on pets. There's this funny thing, though, you don't see mines and pets every single match, more often these days, sure, but not all the time, and for a skill on a minute-long cooldown, its effects are negligible. I'm not asking for wandering in to a Rift to be some sort of instant death-sentence, but damnit, it should have a palpable effect on a player that's in it.

Mask Energy Signature being revamped to work along the likes of the KHG 3-piece bonus would just about give the power a reason to be slotted.

Shields drains could use a small-to-moderate bump across the board. Maybe a 30% increase in the face of Insulators w/ a dimishing return on repeat uses of the same power from different sources on the same target (to prevent 2-3 sci ships zipping in and making shields cease to exist instantly).

While you're revamping powers, do us all a favor and make them all trainable either by captains or through the Skill Trainer.



The speed boost on BoP's when cloaking is to help reduce/mitigate the "Hey my shields are down and the other guy is hugging me in a ship nearly as fast as me, better armed, and able to see through my cloak" that happens occasionally with mid-combat battlecloak usage.

The only nerf VM needs is for Engineering Team to clear it properly so there's no chance of it recurring if ET'd.

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