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01-02-2013, 11:37 PM
for a fifty-dollar ship, it better be able to handle every possible content at least competently, from PvP, to Path of the Warrior(all six Pi Canis sorties, with optionals), to ALL FOUR space STF's AND Azure Nebula rescue.

see, I've SEEN Vor'chas, Negh'vars and Tor'Kahts that have done this, so the challenge to Bortasque fans is, prove you can make the lumbering space whale cover the big set-C&H, Arena, Pi Canis (A and B with optionals), CSE, KSE, ISE, Hive Onslaught Elite.

Thissler, show me that, and I'll say it's a matter of skill...but then again, skill can make ANYTHING work, even one of those 'starter ships' at Tier 1...

I'll admit it to be a matter of skill, if you can do all of those with a Bort.
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Look into Vanilla PvP if you're tired of the endless pursuit of grind, utterly unbalanced selections of geardo-inspired traits, and generally unbalanced and careless 'development' made mostly to turn this game into a second job.