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01-03-2013, 12:08 AM
I'm going to throw a few thoughts on slightly different topics but all concerning the PvE.

First - last night I had a little time to setup and try the Chel Gett. Did the same BOFF setup as my Fleet Cerberus, except that I exchanged the TS1 for EPtW - 3 cannons, Quantum torpedo and 4 turrets (I don't like the cutting beam because it's not buff-able). Took a run in KASE and the ship did pretty well. And a piece of advice - if you have a Lt.Cmd Science station on escort or cruiser - Gravity Well is a must - it can, and will make the difference between a failed and saved optional.

Second - "Don't PuG" is not an answer. It's boring. The one I don't PuG is ISE, because I don't run it at all. There are some bad PuGs, and some really good ones - like being done with 6-7 minutes on the timer in CSE. And this awesome topic wouldn't be here if we didn't

Third - Sometimes I think that there is definitely something off with the CSE - I usually dive under the cube and clear the probes from point blank. To do that I activate all my defensive buffs of course - most of the time I manage on time to intercept the freshly spawned BoPs and clean them, but sometimes I just get shot down. the point - it was on 30th that I did my last full run of STFs - CSE - I dived and I got shot down, which in itself is not really surprising. I dived, and started to work on the first nanite - I swallow a Plasma HY, which takes my hull to about 75-80% - not a big deal - HE2 and continue. I proceed to the second nanite - it had around 10% left and the cube sent me a Plasma HY for a second time - right on schedule - it got me down to 45%....and less than 2 seconds later - Plasma HY again. I was like "Come ooon! You're kidding me!!!". I could't even activate RSP which I do in case that I receive a second HY so that I have enough protection to finish the last bottom nanite, but a third HY was just too much for me.

Forth - I left a STF in the middle of it for a first time for the last half an year, because I got annoyed (and me being annoyed is something very rare) with the misplaced humor of one of the players...and I wrote a three finger configuration and left....I hope I won't do that again because it wasn't a nice thing to do.....

That's my five cents at the start of the new year.