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01-03-2013, 12:40 AM
Cannon damage... 99.99% of the time when i fight a cannon escort with my beam ship ie the galore or fleet excelsior and even a time ship(no consoles) the dhc escort gets some ship evacuation training so how are they op are my beams way op because I out damage them?

Extend shields only good in a team and many ways to get around it 1 change targets 2 shockwave 3 subnuke 4 tbr 5 viral 6 target shields 7 get a lucky ass prock! and probably a few i may have missed either way the skill is simple to get around just need to learn to be tricky and trick the other team in to wasting it!

Grave well I have seen some super strong ones and some super weak ones. Pandas use to use this well in a team back in the day! ask them how to make it strong.

Viral yea annoying but i am specked into sub system repair seams to help some and does not seam like my human boffs are working if they fix those it might make it not as strong.

Tac consoles i think are fine i have heal ships that just cant be killed by one ship so if they nerf them how will even 2 be able to take it down.

We are not kirk here cant really take on a lot of ships at once. dhc get out of the arc use piloting skills simple as that. Tac beamboats get behind them or in front simple just hone your piloting skills then they will not be so overwhelming. You and also watch their buffs if they are not using crf you usually don't need to use a tac team just send power to that shield facing and use piloting