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Ok. I have a question & which this may been answered many times but I did search all over the forum & could not find the question or the answer. I am new to this STO fairly about 4 months.

I downloaded STO & been playing for FREE.

Now my question is when I get this Star Trek Online Collectors Edition in the MAIL.
I read that you will get this Red Matter Capacitor. It can then be claimed via the "Legacy Unlocks" tab of the C-Store.

Ok. Hmmmmm....First How? Ok. Then I heard it's a code or key or what-ever to get it.
Again where to go to put this key code to get it? I seen a link said go here well when I went there said oooooops CADET no longer here.

Please do be very specific say offline or online & please make sure the "LINKS" works if pointing me some where.... Thanks.

I think they should put a LOCKED Forum when people ask this question where to go, etc.
other wise they will keep posting the same thing over & over about STO Edition.