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Originally Posted by bobtheyak View Post
These are just suggestions for balance changes. There may not be much of a dev response to this, but I thought I'd throw a bunch of ideas at you guys for the sake of discussion. Feel free to disagree with any or all of them.

There might be some hidden personal bias to this, but I'm more interested in general gameplay than catering to my own playstyles. For reference, I play a tac BoP, sci/sci, eng healing cruiser, and tac MVAM escort. Also keep in mind the effect that balance changes might have on PvE carebear rage, so let's not go nuts here.

In no particular order, and by no means a comphrehensive list:

1) Cannon damage: A lot of people are complaining about escorts doing too much damage, and lately I've been inclined to agree with them. Although escort damage isn't necessarily the problem, it might be easier to adjust sustained cannon damage to account for escorts' new-found survivability rather than nerfing escort tanking abilities due to the learning curve for inexperienced players.

I've been thinking that it might be time to remove the inherent crit severity bonus from dual heavy cannons. DHCs would still be superior in PvP due to their ability to burst through shields, but it would give people a more equal choice between dual heavies and regular dual cannons. For that matter, torpedos could be slightly buffed (maybe with increased crit chance) to give a more viable alternative to 4x DHC builds.

3) Extend shields: I personally love this power but it gives too much resistance. When coupled with other heals/resists it can make a ship nearly invincible. This is especially true with multiple extend teams. Ideally it would give more of a penalty to the caster than simply putting RSP on global cooldown. If at all possible, extend should share shield damage between casters and their extend target, though an easier fix might be to reduce the resistance it gives by 25-50%.
With all the other broken stuff stock piled on their "to do list" I kind of find it difficult for these to even make it on there.

Mainly because as an experienced premade vs premade veteran, our matches have lasted substantially long. With the two items mentioned above, it almost seems like a Chinese finger trap for whatever I am going to say next.

Matches at a high caliber level of premade vs premade are often determined by reaction times to certain events in matches. These matches often last one hour or more. Now this cannot be entirely blamed on extends. However, they also cannot be blamed on DHC for not doing enough damage. But neither are the culprit in such occurrences.

In fact, both of these items are working as intended, and in an orderly manner. Damage must surpass healing, if you run a parser you will be able to see the detrimental amount of heals being used to amount of damage being dealt. Providing only slight windows of opportunities for attack. In otherwords, nerf cannon damage and everyone will be forced into tric mines, or calling it a draw.

As far as the extend thing goes, really I'm finding this a bit of a growing window licking issue because of the recent word of mouth. I'm kind of really tired of people unable to watch a single video TRH has put up on youtube. We have a lot of examples of heavy extend teams with multiple cruisers extending one another being destroyed easily. Does anyone even have the slightest clue as to how much precision it takes to use those DHC in junction with the rest of a team effort to score a kill? It takes a very very very long time to acquire a feel for it. Watch our videos.

Damian I don't know if you remember, that one in house match we had. I was on my tac vesta and you were on your tac bug. That's what we had for DPS. Our side had more heals and lost 15-9. We scored 6 kills when we coordinated our window of opportunity/figured out the other team's defense, and scored 6 kills in a rally back from a 14-3. Nothing changed on the other team, not their extends, not their DHC, nothing. If the game went up to 20 we would of won, however the game ended 15-9 because the other team played better.

Now this is the same situation with the DHC. If you're unable to keep your arc on someone, then this is something you need to work on. Subsequently, if you're unable to tell if someone's DHC are on you, then you need to work on getting out of someone's VERY narrow arc.

The circumstance about extends means you need to break them. And there is enough stuff in this game for you to do that with. Which I don't even think this ability should of shown up on this list in the first place.

It's becoming silly now that the basics to pvp are coming on here as items to be nerfed, while the new crap is untested, unscathed on feedback, released, and exploited to heck all over the queues.

Example: Embassy Doffs, Temporal set, Tric Mine/Dispersal, etc..

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