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Originally Posted by rck01 View Post
Another vote for the Fleet Patrol. Strong. Survivable (thanks the 4x eng consoles). With a nice punch. My preferred escort (dozens of hive elite wins), though I've now got 3000 Zen burning a hole in my "pocket" and I'm wondering what to buy next...

Leaning towards the Armitage carrier just to try something different.

Hmmmm, besides the hangar the HEC isn't THAT different. You'll have pets to control and the brief novelty that is the photon point defense console, but you'll be doing pretty much the same things you do in your Patrol Escort, except with one less LtC tac power and one more LtC Eng power.

If want REALLY different I suggest plunking down for an Atrox or an Odyssey. If you want different, but also want the flexibility to use some standard Escort tactics, try one of the Vestas, either the Sci or Eng variants. The folks who want to tell you to get the 3-pack or nothing at all are nuts or rich. You'll do fine with just one. With universal LtC and En slots you'll get some great versatility, and those Aux cannons are an interesting take on your power settings.

If you absolutely insist that your next ship be an escort, try the MVAE. The sci skills and multi-vector skill can really change your tactics while still staying in the DPS-happy categories.

Of course, you could also plunk down for 24 Master Keys and either take your chances with lockboxes or sell the keys on the exchange. You'd go a long way towards buying a lockbox ship like the Wells, Orb Weaver, Recluse, or Mobius, though not the Dkora, Galor, or god forbid, the Bug.