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01-03-2013, 01:08 AM
1) I think that cannons power drain should be brought to what it was in the old time: that cannons actually drain energy when they fire in the same way as beams do. Anything else about cannons is ok, leave it. Just FIX that damn power drain.

3) Extend shields is one of few thing (if not the only one) that makes cruisers viable for PvP. The other may by EWP III if someone likes it. So leave it as it is or get rid of cruisers (or change their role in game).

4) MES - what's wrong with it? It gives pretty good stealth. Ok, not much bonuses other then this but when you fly MVAE or some other high-end Fed escort without a cloak it can be pretty usefull for sneaking around and alpha striking your targets of choice. The only thing that suck about it is the reliance on Aux power. I would make it not dependand on power levels and apply constant stealth with the value for current 125 Aux MES. It would be good power then. Not something to be used by anyone, but good enough for those who want to sneak around.