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# 1 Mine Trap - Needs Revision
01-03-2013, 01:12 AM
Today, I did Three Mine Trap runs and 2 out of the 3 runs were outright and complete utter disasters with half the groups failing their objectives. And the one that we did succeed in saving over 100 Miners, had to be restarted because of the first attempt, most people did not pay attention.

The third attempt was a pure PuG off the PvE queue and again 2 groups completely failed in protecting the NPCs.

Here are some of my personal suggestions:

Beam-In: Instead of a single individual scanning the dead body, each team has to investigate and after all four teams, the event starts.

Players are given some indicators that they are to protect X Sector and have the sector shown in the mission indicator. Furthermore, if players leave their assigned area, they get flashing warning signs, telling them to go back.

Part 1: Though its a 20 person team effort, there should be a personal type of penalty for not helping your team in another sector until your team has completed their tasks.

Part 2: Players cannot take resources from another sector (sometimes this can lead to one team falling short, while another has a surplus).

Part 4: After Part 3, players get a very obvious indication which direction their team is escorting the miners.

Like above, if a team member strays from the proper direction, they get a warning flag, urging them to return.

So I urge the Dev Team to help out the players in fixing this. Maybe making a tougher version for Private Queues only?

P.S. Yes, I already made a thread on this over a month ago. Due to necro rules, I can't bump it.