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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
unfortunately your thread has turned into troll bate for the incredibly jaded. i'll give it to you strait though

at low level, be qued all the time. low level pvp is very fun, and if you can get a match to start it will be very low pressure compared to level cap. there isn't nearly the huge yoyo effect of healing and damage dealing, its much more approachable. wile leveling don't spend a fortune on gear. basic stuff is all you need. really, until you can use mkXI and mkXII, dont bother getting anything beter then green quality. the only acceptation is try to get a good cap2 shield when you get a new ship, ether cov or res.

the best part about sets with visuals is that the visuals can be turned off. the borg set is good for extra heals, a hull for 2 part and shields for 3 part. other then that they arent that great of gear.

pvp is about 85% balanced. the core is very strong, but all the aditions to the game since launch have had an erosive effect on balance play. since a lot of things you have to pay for, they end up being a bit overpowered by design. carrier spam is a problem, and fills the screen with crap. the basic tier 5 ships you get at level cap are outclassed by fleet and lockbox ships. they are still usable, but you have to be skilled to make up for thier stat disadvantage.

as far as weapons go, get a set of extreamly cheap blue quality mkX and slowly replace it. thats the minimum effective baseline imo. weapons haveing at least 1 acc mod, and a crtH mod, or 2 acc mods are what i recommend.

the most important gear is your doffs though. they have a profound effect on your ships capability. you will want to do lots of doffing, you will gradually get better ones as you progress. when maxed you can get fleet marks from it too. there is also now the rep system, its a large time and EC sink that gives you passive abilities and access to very nice gear. its worth doing, the passives are very nice. these things are the main grind in game, especially getting the rom and omega marks to inject into the rep system so you can always have projects running. they are sort of needed for you to be competitive, they raise the baseline on whats needed to pvp well.

as far as pvp builds go, a good pvp build will rofl stomp pve. i dont think there is such a thing as a good pve build. you need to be an experienced pvp'er to make a good build, thats were you learn how to really play. pve doesn't teach you anything.

a player created thing called the pvp boot camp recently started, and cryptic has taken interest in it, advertising and ading a small incentive to doing it. we keep hearing that eventually pvp will get some love, but we are still waiting for anything to actually happen, other then balance passes and bug fixes that benefit pvp most.

an engineer currently has next to no use in game outside of a dedicated healer build. thats all they are capable of doing well in. if you entertain any notion of being a damage dealer at all, you will want a tac. a sci captain can arguably be a better healer, they bring to the table several deadly debuffs to a team they are on, in addition to synergising with non weapon damage, healer and support builds.

check out my pvp help thread, linked in my sig, for builds and helpful information. theres not much for a below level cap player, but once you get to level cap you will see that thats were things really start to mater build wise.
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