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What I would like to see is the following:

You know those bunchload of red blobs in Sector Space. "Enemy Contacts". Make it so that if the Fed faction doesn't kill enough of the incursions over a week/end, then there must be negative penalties/resources lost/territory lost in the Neutral Zone. Ditto for the Klingons, they have to stop X number of Fed incursions or suffer the same. Of course, the goals will have to be proportional to the amount of 'toons' that each faction has to field, since as far as I can see, there are way more Feddies than Klinks. To get rid of the negative penalties, the penalized faction has to fight for that.

Like ME Multiplayer, have weekly 'Operation 'funky name'. Where a faction has to complete a certain goal as a whole... if they manage it, then reward time!

And as a fellow in my fleet, Mersenary, said:
I kind of want to see something like Planetside2 where you have a map that you can see who controls what. I mean I think that'll be something new and fresh for STO. Hell it might actually do something for the Klink/Fed war and pvp. Rather than ground warzones being essentially "10 peopel are dropped into a box canyon and have to fight it out) it'll actually be a planet where you're fighting over. Different territories conferring small bonuses(+5 to PSG, +5 to weapons or such) I mean I dont know if it will work too well considering how clunky ground combat is at the moment, but I think it would be a good experiment.
Sectors being empty is a problem I agree. Take Regulus, its... useless empty. There's nothing to do there other than low level missions.