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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
New system may be boring, but at least it isn't a waste of time.
Exactly this, but this conflict will NEVER be resolved, because what pro-diceroll folks want is diametrically opposed to what pro-rep folks want.

Pro-Rep folks want to know what they're getting, when they're getting it, and how much it will cost. The rep system does this, and at that point the only quibble is over the exact price. For the record, I'm pro-Rep, but it is generally a load of crap that I have to pay to unlock, then pay again to buy.

Pro-roll folks basically want to opportunity to luck out, regardless of whether or not this affects people other than themselves. They want to be the lucky first-timers that won the roll, or the person that opened a lockbox and got a Bug or whatever (though they're often the same folks that hypocritically complain about drop chances in lockboxes). They have time, and that's the only currency they want to pay, on the very small chance that they won't actually have to spend the time and get a windfall.

I don't like to sound accusatory, but Pro-Roll folks are basically being selfish, and the way gear works in STO works against the fairness of rolls. Why? Any drop in the game that's not a battery can make you money. As a free-to-play game, accumulating currencies is VERY important for advancement at the endgame. As a result, EVERYONE rolls need on EVERYTHING. The Need/Greed/Pass system and the etiquette that's built up around it is destroyed. It is nothing but a mad scramble for random chance.

I'm pro-Rep not because it makes it easier for me to get my sets (I lucked out pre-S7 on my Mk XI Borg and Maco sets). At the rate I make resources I'll be buying my Mk XIIs by STO's 6th Anniversary. Instead I'm pro-Rep but because it guarantees that EVERYONE will get their sets...eventually (including me). I've seen too many friends and guildmates go YEARS and never see the drop they want or need.

There's too much unhelpful randomness in the world as it is, we don't that much of it in our entertainments.