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01-03-2013, 02:19 AM
On my Fleet Patrol, I slot an extra engineer in the uni BOF spot and run redundant EPtS. Along with the new shield heal passives from the rep system and the full Mark 12 MACO set, it allows me to tank a an escort.

Seriously, I like to engage the tac cubes in hive elite at point blank range, grab them with Tractor II and slam them with 3x AP DHCs (CRF1 or CSV1), 2x AP turrets, 1x Quantum (rotate HY1 and HY3) and the Borg Cutting Beam. I keep this up, mixing in GDF, APO3, APB2, etc., until my hull is at 50-60%, then pop JTS1 (to break any tractor hold), ET2 and evasive to get the hell out of dodge/regroup/heal.

So far, it's working...quite well, in fact. Putting out ~5K DPS consistently and I'm almost always top damage dealer in STFs (according the CombatLogParser). Which is why I'm torn as to what to spend my 3000 Zen on. None of the options are all that appealing.

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