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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
Thissler made a Vo'quv work in PVP: A Vo'quv with cannons to be exact. Have you seen that video yet?

Besides, if he can make that fat whale work in a Capture and Hold, I am sure he can do the same with the Bortasqu. Why? Because manuverability wise, they are roughly the same:


Inertia: 18
Turn: 5.5


Interia: 20
Turn: 5

Voquv has less tac consoles and a less flexible boff layout, less weapons. But it has hanger bays, subsytem targeting and sensor analysis, and more Sci consoles.

Bortasqu has more tac consoles, a far more flexible boff layou, more weapons. But it has no hanger bays, no subsystem targeting, no sensor analysis (save for the command version), and few Sci consoles.

I am confident he can make a Bortasqu work in PVP
hmm...but my way, we get another cool Thissler video...
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