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01-03-2013, 02:30 AM
well UltimatePay told me that I'll have to get another stupid card if I want to have the 20 dollar bonus....
Cryptic really screwed the pooch with this stupid promotion. Conveniently leaving out the details that gamers in canada have to pay more money than the card is worth in order to get the amount they want. Kind of like buying a telephone card where you don't actually have the talk time that the WHOLE card is worth.

So in conclusion, this Ultimate Game Card promotion is idiotic. Even for those people that live in the US. Only -- get this - Americans who buy the 20 dollar card, for example, will only be able to redeem 19.50 or so. So really they are getting screwed as well - they don't have enough to redeem 20 dollars worth to get the 20 dollar bonus. I knew I should have stuck with PWE cards yesterday. At least with those you use the whole amount.
You guys should do the same. Even if you don't get a bonus with them. Or else stick with things like paypal.

P.S. Eeven though my paypal account is setup to pay for things using an eCheque, it seems I've made enough transaction to confirm my account. So now my [eCheque] payments are instantaneous.