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Learn to play

No, seriously. A scisci fitted as a beamboat can do ~1.5k sustained dps (plugin v2011), a tactical cruiser beamboat can go above 2k (all numbers without FAW).

You have to be careful in which situation you measure the damage. If the opposing team dies to short escort bursts within seconds of entering the fight, you won't be able to get much damage from your beams that require more time to destroy something. But if the fight takes longer, beam arrays can do a lot to provide pressure damage.

Try using a solid EPtW instead of gimmicky DEM+BO builds.
i fought and got toasted by your fleet excelsior with galor beams, but you were also in the ideal position to kill me in my fragile vet ship, alone, tanking well, able to comfortably ready GDF.

EPtW? that is so 2011, that brings back memories. now, tac cruisers run on AtB with tech doffs, maybe 2, reducing all their abilities to global, and buffing their energy levels, like EPtW would. DEM3 at global, BO3, or FAW if you for some reason want it at global, overcaped weapons energy, an attack pattern, maybe omega at global. really, you cant do better then that in a tac cruiser, it actually makes them good ships. and when comparing beam arrays to single cannons on that platform, there was no comparison.

sure, when you unload beam damage into tanks the DPS will be crap, but thats true for even DHCs. 90% of the matches i parse only the damage dealers get close to or barely pass 2k dps because resistance is so crazy, only to deal 15 to 20k dps in an stf next. i bet a sci/sci could do at least 1500 dps with 4 flow cap buffed tet glider, ive seen that be devastating. is glider somewhere recorded in the log?

EPtW? lol learn to play tac cruisers in 2012/13
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