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01-03-2013, 02:53 AM
dontdrunkimshoot it right, but this is too complicated. Simplier (and cheaper) sollution:

reduce healing, AI hitpoints, fix cannons power drain (make it drain power like beams do). Here you go. Cannons drain as much power as beams making beams viable again and 4xDHC build not viable again. Reduced healing means that lower damage does not affect PvP and yet gives the beams additional damage (relatively speaking).

And it would make PvE more game interesting with anyone else then escorts being viable and escorts forced to cooperate (reduced healing = less tankiness in escorts). Some eng consoles (EPS ones) will be usefull again too.

It should be very, very simple to implement - it's just about changing few numbers. Ballancing it correctly may be a bit difficult, but community should help here.

But then... how Devs would play the game? They would need to think, or what?