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Originally Posted by borgx666 View Post
I've just completed the Borg (main story) Missions
after doing many Borg PVE missions i expected the main story mission to be really tough but to my surprise they were pretty easy going!

the 1st mission you take on 2 Borg spheres and 2 Undine ships and i took them out with ease and after equipping my crew with Tetryon and Polaron weapons and Borg remodulators it was really easy to tackle the Borg soldiers on the ground, the Undine put up more of a fight than the Borg did!!

the last mission where Q toys with you, this was disappointing! :/
the 3 times you had to rescue the Coppernicus was no real challenge, even when Q had 3 cubes he froze them before the main fun began

and i was looking forward to the battle at Wolf359 expecting to be in my ship joining the other Federation ships and attacking the Borg cube

i was a little dis heartened when i found myself on the Saratoga, keeping it free of Borg soldiers so the crew could get to the escape pods, i didn't even get to see Sisko!!

the rewards for the mission were pants too, not worth the bother, would of been nice to get some kind of Borg tech from it

all in all very disappointing, the missions could of been a little tougher and more rewarding and a few more missions would of been nice to!

You dont even need remodulators for the storyline missions either if I remember correctly.