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Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
Said it a million times and I will say it a million more times

There are only three ships in this game that can out do the patrol escort

1) The Bug. Why? Faster, heartier, more agile and has the same potential outlay

2) The Fleet Patrol Escort. Self Explanatory.

3) The Chimera. Bigger, thicker, more crew = faster healing, The Phaser Lotus (BFaW activated with the more powerful phaser lotus? Talk about a beautiful death) And then the DTS Console? She is my answer to the question if the god like set up of the fleet patrol would work in a cruiser. Answer? Oh God yes.

I have been preaching this for years the Fleet patrol outclasses every escort in this game she has the perfect set up. If you want more dps EPtW if you want more heals EPtS, just that pivotal skill alone changes the balance of this ship.

The Steam runner is fine and dandy but there is not much you can do Eng wise to really help your ship since eng basiclayy repairs your hull not so much your sheilds which is far more important. If the steam runner did not step down a peg in sci I would put her on this list but because she stepped down you lose pivotal skills like RSP ESS both which are pivotal skills to be repleaced be a debuffer and two EPt's. If they made one of the eng slots universal I would say it's a go.

The other escorts folishly give up that pivotal eng slot for a tac one slot, that tac one slot is just weird it's like the tail wagging th dog their is not any more potential damage in that so I'm not sure why people say their is if their is any it has to be Beam O one or something since EPtW far out classes it if it's anything other then that and even then over the length of the skill you will do more damage. So unless those other ships have some super nova console which most do I wouldn't bother with them... unless I was just buying the ship to move the console like if you get the temporal set... talk about worth the effort.
Why isn't the Fleet Saber on this list? It has the same layout as the Fleet Patrol, but has slightly better manuverability, on par with a Defiant. It is just as good as the Fleet Patrol.

Don't say 'It's the low Shield Modifier' because like other retrofitted tier 2 ships, it has some sort of hidden bonuses to it.

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