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In the canon we simply didn't see enough truly wartime-scale fighting to say that things wouldn't change in the 30 years of difference. If the world of STO can make Transphasic Torpedoes (once god-tier weapons), personal shields and full-auto energy weapons commonplace, what's to say that ships aren't just so tough these days that literal slugging matches become the order of the day?
Thats a bit of self serving argument don't you think? An MMO of dubious canon gives everybody god level gear, because in MMOs you become gods fighting atop Olympus by end game, and that should quell all commentary that our ships aren't balanced to reflect how Trek represented ship to ship combat? Also, its idiotic since nothing in history has ever shown that a man made vessel becomes MORE invulnerable as technology improves, all of the 20th century only seeks to prove the opposite (and as much as you say thats not important to the distant future, I think that anybody who really knows why people read and write sci fi would know you're flat wrong).

We COULD sit here and argue all day long about whether the canon demonstrated that ships had staying power or that they were all glorified glass cannons (I tend towards the former, since I can think of multiple ship to ship duels that lasted multiple scenes versus most "glass cannon" scenes involved ships getting ganged up on during massive thousand ship battles) but its pointless. We would be arguing the wrong point.

The point is that this isn't Trek, its a fraud. Its not a simulation of Trek, or even an appropriate representation of most of what Star Trek really is. Its a vessel which mines the canon for ever conceivable familiar thing to sell you on the make believe fantasy, but just like when you played cops and robbers or cowboys and indians or made swords out of cardboard and made plywood shields and fought like gladiators or knights of the round table when you were a kid, everybody knows that this was fantasy and not in any way accurate to even what movies of questionable believability really showed.

Its a game, a fantasy, its about internalizing the joy of playing in a sandbox (ignore obvious contradiction to the fact that this isn't a sandbox MMO), and it doesn't HAVE to be perfect, as long as you see the sand and know why its there. Its a math puzzle that spends a lot of time giving you ways to hide the fact that its math, but we all know that the people who are good at this game don't derive their Defiant Escort builds from watching Trek and trying to read what Chief O'Brien's engineering console showed during the first Battle of Chin'Toka. Min Maxing within STO is its own universe, the rest is just make up and a smile (some people think its a vulgar smile whoring the whole Trek universe out, but thats subjective).

There is enough inconsistency in how Trek represented combat since Trek for much of its history was rather puritanical as well. Roddenberry kind of went off his rocker when he started making TNG and only after he died did they start to explore the darker war making in the universe, and then only did they have to actually push the limits of what kind of Physics they were actually playing with. Its a fun conversation sure, but lets be honest STO isn't even in a league that pretends to be as good as most of the half baked non-canon novels when it comes to being true to the faith.

Just leave this one alone. Its not worth the heartache for such an obvious truth.

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