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# 107 elite fleet shields
01-03-2013, 05:14 AM
All i have to say is i look at combat logs on elite shield players and all i ever see them use is 1 type of shield heal like tss1 or eps1 and thats it period nothing else ,I'm in kerret doing mass testing and 5 level 50 ships with all top end weapons fire at 1 elite shield ship and not 1 of us with all are tray abilities do nothing to his shields and that allows this player which is nameless puts everything into weapons damage and speed only which makes his ship harder to hit as well as he hass max weeps power available also ? does that seem fair by the numbers how ever you do the math , don't think so !! and yes there suppossed to be the best shields but bugged shields isn't they way it was intended for sure, just error by testing it not thoroughly enough before putting them out there. yeah if i had em i'd be happy but i'd know its just plain not fair also !! I run best gear and best weps and all high level equiptment plus tetryon types and do nothing to these shields what so ever in combat ? its not right to not give all small fleets the same chances to get bugged shield like bigger fleets , atleast it should be fair for everyone not just the fleets with all reserves to get for months ahead of time untill these bugged shields obviously get fixed which they will just watch and see and for you guys that have them quit whinning please enjoy e'm till they get fixed lol