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01-03-2013, 05:31 AM
Regarding Rules:

These are not just arbitrary rules. Representatives from all major PVP fleets were invited to work, compromise and agree on a set of rules to ensure fair play and to prevent the utilization of broken/exploitative powers. The rules were developed together, not by a singe individual or a single fleet.

I believe it is not only in the PVP communities interest but also in Cryptics interest to prohibit the usage of broken/exploitative game mechanics.

Representatives from TSI, Sad Pandas, TRH, SOB, Nova Core etc collaborated that day.

Since this endeavour is supported by Cryptic, I tried (as the representative of TRH during that meeting) to work towards having as few rules as possible, in order to ensure widest possible participation in this tournament. Working from that premise I did not quite agree to some of the item exclusions. But more important what one single indivual wanted or one single fleet wanted is what the majority of the Representatives (all respectable and knowledgeable PVP'ers) wanted.

Regarding Extends:

Since I started playing PVP, Extends have been part of the game, and really a non-controversial part I might add. Where does this "Extends are broken"-attitude come from all of a sudden?!

Are Extends broken? No.

Can it be powerful when used correctly? Yes. But so is Cannon Rapid Fire for instance. And Emergency Power to Shields. And so is a lot of stuff...

All successfull PVP fleets have used and continue using Extends, including TSI, Sad Pandas
Elysion, TRH, Angry Clowns, you name it! By demonizing a non-controversial Bridge Officer ability one is basically alienating the whole PVP community. It just does not make any sense.

Can Extends be countered? Sure. Don't take my word for it, just watch some videos for proof:

In this video you see a match between TRH and TSI. One member of TRH carries Extends, while 2 members of TSI carry Extends. Watch the buffs, you can clearly see that our kill targets sometimes had 2 Extends cast on him. And then watch how the kill target still blows up.

It totally escapes me how someone or an entire fleet could possibly built up so much anger regarding Extends.

Regarding Time ship abilities:

Since the Time ships / Temporal Warfare 3-Set Bonus got released it was clear from the getgo that their console abilities could be very powerful, maybe even OP. Especially when combined with other P2W-consoles.

It is indeed possible to "abuse" the Inversion field abilitiy in a way that resistance of an opposing team would be futile. If a team goes into a match with enough time ships and use them properly, a defeat will virtually be impossible.

I tried to bring this topic up during the rules meeting. To my shame I must confess I could have done a better job at explaining the exploitative nature of using multiple tiplers and Temporal Inversion fields. Also, the rules meeting lasted for more than 5 hours and the people involved got a bit restless, so it was decided upon to deal with this whole time ship matter on a later date.

We silently hoped that at least well known PVP fleets would show some restrain and that the whole issue would just remain an "academic" problem.

Also, if someone thinks that the rules basically rules out all the consoles/tactics that ensured someone owns victory, it is perhaps not the rules that are problem but one owns game style or even ones philosophy regarding how to PVP.

Regarding the whole petty inter-fleet beef:

I understand that certain individuals and/or fleet is trying to run a campaign against the fleet that I am a member of.

But one should consider that trying to smear another PVP fleet with unsubstantiated accusations in the forums and in the OrganizedPVP channel could cast an unfortunate light on the accuser.

In the interest of one owns credibility and in the interest of the PVP community we probably should try to keep this thread clean of any personal vendettas.

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