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I could see a buff to damage potential from Gravity well but I'm concerned about a buff to any of the power drains like Tykens. Powerful AoEs are especially problematic for balance. There was a time when you could use counters (like PH or Omega) but another escape option was a battery or diverting all power to engines before popping Evasive's. increase the hold strength and damage but return to the times when this combo was effective. You don't need to rocket out 30k away instantly but it should still be better than burning batteries and Evasive's and just sitting. Warp-plasma is good for that too.
If you have 9 in PI a fully specced, fully consoled, DOff proc x 5 of Tyken's Rift 3 does exactly 4 things: Clear mines, slow pets, jack, and crap. It is, quite literally, useless vs players that have actually encountered it on its own and paid attention to their power bars. Polaron weapons and Energy Siphons are very powerful drain tools, and IMO they don't really need any buffs atm. Tyken's Rift is, however, left somewhere in "Pretty but Useless" category. I'm not asking for it to be a zone that you touch and black out, just something that's actually worth slotting, something that's dangerous enough that players will want to get away from in a big hurry. Hell, I'd like it to be as useful as my Polaron cannons w/ CSV.


Fixed wording to clarify what I was getting at.

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