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01-03-2013, 06:09 AM
Got it today. Absolutely love the Breen Warship so far! Nice surpise when coming back to the game. Looks alot cooler than my Advanced Escort too.

Front: 3x Disruptor DHC XI (borg), 1x Quantum Torp X (borg)
Aft: 3x Disruptor Turret XI, 1x Cutting Beam

Assimilated XI Deflector, Engines, Shields.

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, batteries.

Engi: Assimilated Module, Neutronium Alloy, EPS Flow Regulator
Science: Breen console, Biofunction Monitor, Emitter Array
Tac: 3x Disruptor Coils XI, 1x Zero Point Quantum Chamber X

Tac: 2xTT, 2xCSV1, TS1, TS3, APB3.
Science: TSS1, HE2, GW1.
Engi: EptS1, RSP1.

Yea I should probably get some new gear (havent played in months, leveled a klink since I got back - besides the daily ice race ofc). Any advice?