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01-03-2013, 06:37 AM
In our fleet, the Federation Missfits, we don't demand anything from our members. Although, even if I don't practise it, if a character is not being used, it will be demoted one rank for every month the owner isn't logging in with it. If reaching the lowest rank, the 'houserule' gives me the possibility to relieve them of duty, so to speak. Aka, kicked out.
This is well informed if the user read the fleet info tab.
As it is now, i am quite lenient. We are few members, and any unused alts being listed, aren't cluttering things up. If we become more members, I might have to step into character and become a little bit more rigid.

If a member/member's alt has been kicked, there is nothing stopping them of enrolling them again. Just speak up and an invitation will be sent.

If a player have other characters in other fleets, that is none of our business.
If a player don't donate, it is none of our business, eventhough we DO appreciate donations.
If a player is anonymous, it is none of our business.
The only thing we DO mind, are thieves and unpolite people.

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