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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
I think most can agree that there are some more pressing issues. That being said, it doesn't mean that there aren't other things to consider.

It would be more interesting to see what might happen if the ship extending took some of the incoming damage to their own shields. Maybe there could be a shield system drain component.

I'd hate to swing the escort defense pendulum too far (especially considering my own respawn rate) but I would love to see the ship type effect the value of their own heals. A Cruiser using ET1 would be at current levels but an Escort would have like bit of a reduction with Sciencd somewhere in the middle. I do like the emphasis of speed in Escort defense so I'd rather that didn't take too much of a hit.

Things still need to die so I'd rather not see damage take too much of a hit. That being said, diminishing returns on Tac Consoles could be just the ticket to equalize (while still favoring escorts as it should) some of the damage potential across classes. Diminishing returns hasn't stopped people from stacking resistance and there are a significant number of alternate build and console options. Then again, I admit to a bit of prejudice against pure energy builds on any ship. I don't think it's good for gameplay or that it was intended to be as efficient as it is to the detriment of more varied builds.

The Engineering energy consoles are a joke so enhancing the can only add greater variability to Engineering options. Assuming they are altered in careful ways I fail to see how that would be such a bad thing.

I don't know what it would entail but I'm interested in the gameplay potential for tractor beams that consider the mass and power of the two ships involved. Pets would only debuff a turn rate while they get pulled behind (the distance would slowly increase so that the hold could be broken with enough speed). Escorts might slow a Cruiser but would be similarly towed along for a bit. BoPs might be towed by an Escort.

I could see a buff to damage potential from Gravity well but I'm concerned about a buff to any of the power drains like Tykens. Powerful AoEs are especially problematic for balance. There was a time when you could use counters (like PH or Omega) but another escape option was a battery or diverting all power to engines before popping Evasive's. increase the hold strength and damage but return to the times when this combo was effective. You don't need to rocket out 30k away instantly but it should still be better than burning batteries and Evasive's and just sitting. Warp-plasma is good for that too.

Power bonuses by ship class. Aside from this and bridge officer slot options, there isn't much else that ship class does to effect there intended jobs. I'd like to see power level bonus removed from all but Cruisers who would also get an innate bonus to parts of the Engineering skill tree. An assault cruiser might split the skill tree bonus between Engineering and low level Tac skill tree options. This would be great for making Sci/Sci particularly powerful because they too would get a bonus to the Sci skill tree that is decoupled from aux power level. It would be harder to get Aux up there but that's where build and play style come in. Escorts would have strong Tac skill bonuses but it would be harder to reach 125 weapon power making it a bigger choice between survivability and packing as much punch as possible.

I know there are loads of other things to discuss, some more important than others. All I want is a fun, reasonably level playing field, that increases variability in builds and access for all.
If you just based Eng T and Sci T off of base hull and Shield mod, healing as a percent of those numbers, you would likely get them somewhere that you would want them to be.

That tractor beams totally disregard all concepts at work in this game is just tragic. That this game has inertia backwards is also tragic. I guess you could see how those two items are related.

Healing is likely fine as it is on Cruisers. Just saying.

Mitigation in this game is way to high and the mechanics for gaining it are far to uneven and skewed towards escorts. Excellent mitigation can be gained by combining skills no higher than Lt, and only escorts have access to the best defensive skills, evasion. Evasion the property of defense, not the manuever. Although THAT manuever certainly is evasive.

Evasion isn't exactly mitigation. Some may consider it to be such as it does lessen the effect of enemy fire, but it does that by not letting that fire ever land. It's worth a look though because of what it does for escorts.

What this means is that each discipline has at no higher than Lt level excellent abilities that work in tandem with each other to mitigate damage, and often to perform ONE other function at least. HE, TSS, PH, APD, and all the team abilites are examples of this. Science and Engineering have higher ranks of some of those abilites, but no entirely NEW abilities to supplement themselves at higher ranks of Boff stations. Every ability of higher rank is just an extension of what came before it. Follow me here, every ship right up to Lt is essentially equal. Then tacs pull way ahead because of defense and APO. Tacs don't have to mitigate or heal damage that never happens. And defense is a complete different stat from resistance so they compliment each other very well.

Think of them like filters. Mitigation filters out 25% of the damage that could be done to your ship. Adding more Mitigation filters you find that eventually you reach a point where they are no longer effective. Defense puts in an entirely new type of filter. What it does is it stops 50% of the damage from ever reaching your mitigation filter. Looks good for escorts. But what happens to Cruisers? Well exactly the opposite is what happens.

Okay not exactly the opposite, but because of the way defense and accuracy interact and the fact that cruisers start with a much lower defense than escorts and escorts tend to have a much higher acc, cruisers tend to not be missed at all. In fact, they would tend to be hit critically. So all defense stats do for a cruiser is it has the potential to increase incoming damage. There's no upside for cruiser defense. "fixes" by way of stat differences are in the game, but they never really solved this basic issue.

From here on in you decide if that is broken or not. The design intent is clearly not to try and shoot escorts out of the sky with brute strength. Well nothing in this game is about that really. But it certainly wasn't to allow cruisers to be pummeled all day long.

Healing is acceptable. Mitigation and Defense as it relates to mitigation and the interplay between the ship classes is not.

I hoped that helped explain what "healing in this game is op" may mean.


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