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# 1 Uniform control for your crew!
01-03-2013, 07:19 AM
I have been playing STO now for more than a year and one thing that continues to bug me is the fact that the automatically generated crew (FED or KDF) always wear the same uniform (unless you're talking about the Constitution bridge/interior from the TOS pack ... in which case most of the auto-generated crew wears TOS uniforms).

I know we cannot have manual control over how every NPC looks, but it seems like there is a "simple" fix that would make the experience of walking around on your ship MUCH better: Make the auto-generated characters pick from uniforms worn by the Captain or the Bridge Officers.

My uniform and the uniforms of my bridge crew look EXACTLY like what I want my entire crew to wear. I know it would require some developer time, but it seems reasonable to have the NPC crew wear whatever the male/female bridge crew are wearing.

It really spoils the experience to walk around on your ship and see people wearing the "wrong" uniforms.