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01-03-2013, 08:24 AM
Done. Changed around a little bit on the abilities.

The setup the ship is running with, for trial and error is as such:

TT1, T:HY2, C:RF2
T:HY1, TT2, C:SV2, APO3

ET1, EPtS2
EPtW1, ET2


Next step is to find the right Boffs.
Damned be the randomness and prices of Purples.

As things are now, i can easily see myself exchanging the torps with a Kinetic Cutting Beam and an Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher. If I can make it fly with 2x 3-Sets, I'll be happy.
It will depend on how slow the torps go. My idea is to rear mount it, so i can drop it on my foes head when i make a bypass.
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