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But in all seriousness, KDF players should have access to the William Ware Theiss Legacy as well!
Interestingly, the only Klingon female in TOS, Mara, was fairly modestly dressed. And we all know Roddenberry "improved" Theiss' gear

But in all truth they don't need glittery ephemeral dresses with strategic censor proof skin.

What KDF players need is to get Lursa and B'Etor's battle dresses, featuring the epic cleavage window that says, "try and stab me in the heart if you dare!" with the crazy Gowron smile. Wait...that's a redundant statement.

Also I want Cryptic to really take a stab at a warrior's challenge. A Qo'nos Uniform series. The KDF answer to the quite frankly excellent 25th century Jupiter Uniforms. I know the culture isn't prone to changes in fashion, but at least some more colors.

Some grandiose stuff, like a Dahar Grandmaster's uniform, your uniform being your living Opera on your person. Like every accolade is a new unlocked medal on your body. That gives me an idea...that's for another day though.

Anyway, I'm gonna check this sale out, see if there's anything worth getting.

We should keep in mind that the according to the devs the PLAN is that there will be more costume options including hair coming in Season 8. Fingers crossed that they'll be able to pull it off, it's a lot of work.
Yes I support This

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