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Now that I have reached level 50, most missions are almost worthless. I like running DOFF missions, but I don't like searching the map to find enough "good" missions to fill up 20 slots. I really like the winter wonderland because you can always find several good missions and win winter ornaments on criticals.

Is there any way to add more missions with a decent payout? I run the research missions and have 8 teams working at all times. I like the payout and love it when I find an alien artifact.

I would really like more engineering missions where you can build weapons or consoles. I already find enough engines, shields and deflectors that I can't build any or I run out of space to sell them on the exchange.

I also like the duty officer exchange mission, colony refugee recruitment, and cargo ship inspection.

I think adding more missions would make the game a lot more fun and allow me to play the missions more often as opposed to hunting for DOFF assignments.