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01-03-2013, 07:36 AM
You sir, have put on paper, what loads of people think about this game.

But your biggest (and best) point is the devaluation of gold/life members.
For me that devaluation was a reason not to spent a dime more on this game, and that's not an effect PWE was aiming for, at least, I do hope they weren't aiming for that.

Last year alone I've spent close to a 1000 euros on this game, but after the ridiculous dil/fm/AA cap they've introduced with S7, the extra grinding they've put in, and the ridiculous costs for leveling fleet base/reputation, I simply refuse to give them more of my money. And somehow PWE doesn't (want??) to understand that they've gone a bit to far with their need for MOAR money
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