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01-03-2013, 07:39 AM
CSN, I tend to follow MRRMLL even though it's on Normal.

On a good day, and most of the time, I find that three will head Right, and one will head Left. The three usually blow the R probes and cubes while I still have around 3-4 of the M probes left (I'm an Eng in a Chimera for the record), then come over and we'll make short work of the M probes and cubes. Then the 4 of us go intercept the Borg Negh'vars before tackling L. On a really good day, whoever was covering L will be as least as competent as myself, and almost all of the probes will already be down. Generally though, it's pretty flawless - I head up M, others go R, and the last guy will see that and go L to cover that side.

So two nights ago I fly up the Middle, and I see two guys head Right, one head Left, and one follows me to Middle. That's fine, I quickly point out MRRMLL and that we're just taking out the probes, and I get an acknowledgement.

The guy with me (GC, the Glass Cruiser) has died twice by the time we'd taken out 2 probes, and GC doesn't come back to M after his 2nd death, joining the other 2 at R. I finish off the probes, and GC comes back alongside one of the other guys who were at R, and they start attacking the M cube. I tell them we're not supposed to blow the middle first, they ignore me, and I go join the player remaining at R (CC, the Competent Cruiser). At that point, I discover that only half the probes are done. That's right, three ships made less progress than me by myself. Me and CC finish off the probes around the time the M cube blows, and I'm thinking "Wait, that's pretty decent DPS". GC and the other guy come back and we blow the R cube in short order, at which point the four of us head over to L.

When we arrive I see that only one probe at L was taken down. I'm flabbergasted and we've got 3 minutes left for the Optional. After we very quickly take out the Negh'vars... I see everyone other than CC attack the cube. Ok, their autotargetting made them accidentally attack, right? CC and I take out another probe, I look over - and the other three are still attacking the cube! They actually took down a shield facing! I facepalm, and say "Guys, attacking the cube is pointless if the probes are up." CC comments "Yes, always take out the probes first." Then the probes quickly blow up, followed by the cube and carrier.

After the match, I have a short chat with CC and apparently GC blew up twice while at R, too. It also appeared that we very obviously had the DPS to do the optional. The reason the probes weren't down at R when I was done was because CC had been the only person actually shooting the probes - the other two went after spawns and then back to the cube. It's like it was the other three's first day or something, and they completely missed the fact that they weren't doing any appreciable damage to the cubes.

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