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01-03-2013, 08:48 AM
Thanks everybody for posting thoughts.

I really feel like the Pvp players deserve some kind of recognition when they're out among the Pve crowd. You all have to do fleet mark events, reputation pve etc. and are grouped with pve players. I think you deserve some position of honor during these events. If not having your score visible, maybe team leader should go to the highest rated player. Setting you apart visually or giving you a spot of honor might entice more people to aim for that.

A fun thought I had today was if the PvP crowd could queue up and when there was enough ready to go, they would create a red alert just like the borg. This would allow the PvE types to get some dil or accolades while causing them to engage in PvP without really thinking about it.

So maybe have an NPC Admiral/General surrounded by 20 captains from the PvP queues. Let in twice as many random pve type captains. Don't let the ships that originated from the pvp queue respawn. If the responders to the alert kill the npc boss, either by elimnating all the pvp'ers first or just getting a lucky strike on the capital ship, they win. Everybody gets dil for participating, winners get accolade. If the Pvp camp holds out against two to one odds surviving the 12-15 minute timer, they get the accolade of "Sirius Sector Raider" or "Omega Leonis Infiltrator".

This would be a fun additional use for the Red Alert channel.
It would allow the better PvP players to get recognition beyond their quarantined areas, like this subforum lol. They would become notorious enemies server-wide like a true war ace should be.

Wouldn't it be fun if you were the one pilot that kept all the PvE players from winning?

Would this be easy to implement?