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A) I'm not sure this was established canonly, but I thought Breen ships could cloak according to some throwaway dialogue on DS9 and TNG? Do I have that wrong?

B) Is the ship too OP to be fitted with a cloaking device either inherent with the ship (easiest to do for both Fed and KDF) or maybe a cloaking device console?
A, doesn't sound familiar, the only speculation (apart from what's under the suit) about breen technology that i remember was that apparently they might use living ships, or something similar to bio-neural gel packs in their ships (think it was in the VOY episode 'scorpion')

B, From my experiences with the chel, its more than strong enough without a cloak, as for adding a cloaking console that would be 2 consoles for one ship, a bit of a no-no :p
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