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01-03-2013, 08:20 AM
I'd go with a burst damage layout on this ship.

Front weapons: DHC x 4
Rear: Turret, cutting beam, Tricobalt mine x 2

Borg set for engine, deflector, shields

Tac consoles: energy x 4
Science: Breen, Field gens x 2
Eng consoles: Assimilated, RCS, Neutronium

Device, Shield bat, field mod, deuterium

Tac: TT1 x 2, CSV1 x 2, APO1, DPB3 x 1

Drain build/STFs
Eng: EPtS2, EPtS1
Science: ES2, TR1, HE1 x 2 (maybe a TSS1 outside of STFs)

AoE Nuker for weaker enemies
Eng: EPtS1x2, RSP1
Sci: GW1, HE2, TSS1 (or HE1 if wanted)