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# 105 just a thought
01-03-2013, 09:21 AM
Having played a Vorcha on one tac and a qin raptor on another tac, both running disruptors (DBB on Vorcha and DHC on qin) I recently tried the free Chel Grett Breen ship on both toons.
I am now in love with this ship!
Escortish weapon loadout, with cruiserish hull and an extra LtCom Sci skill (grav well for me on both to group everyone together to share the boom when the first ship goes down), plus 10 console slots! Apart from losing 1 LtCom tac boff skill (but you gain the sci one) you can easily use an escort/raptor boff layout and it's awesome.
My one issue... It's a BREEN ship!
Put all the Chel Grett goodies on a K'vort and you have a great destroyer. Not asking for Battlecloak, nor a unique console, just the layout, turn, hull, boff slots and weapon slots.
If anyone esle has flown the Chel Grett, what are your opinions?