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01-03-2013, 08:30 AM
Yesterday I had my worst run I can remember.

So I got my breen ship and fitted it out with brand new gear, so I decided to take it on some STF runs to put it through its paces. Over the past few days I had been doing CSN and ISN, so I decided to do KAN for a change. Instead of putting me in a new game, though, it put me into one that was already in progress, I presume replacing someone who had dropped. When I warped in it was apparent why whoever I was replacing had dropped?2 team members were AWOL (never did figure out where one of them was, I only ever saw 3 other players, and one of them was just sitting there doing next to nothing except firing the occasional rainbow beams), 6/10 probes had gotten through, naturally optional had failed. No one was guarding the gate on the right, none of the nanite generators where down on the right, and both gates had their transformers still up. I took up guard on the gate that had no one, assuming that someone else was working on the generators. They were, but were barely making a dent, and I realized that if *any* progress was going to be made I would have to help out. One of the guards on the right was getting beat up pretty badly by a sphere, so I ran over and took down the sphere?and at this point two more probes got through (my fault because I was trying to do too much at once), raising it to 8/10. By now, I knew we couldn't win, but I decided to stick it out to the end. I had a little bit of hope that it might still work, so I decided to try to help out the other side, which had all the generators down. I flew over as fast as I could to the nearest transformer, which this person had been working on for about 5 minutes but was at 75% still. I hit dispersal pattern beta, attack pattern alpha, dropped 3 tricobalt mines, and flew back to guard the gate. A few seconds later, the transformer blew behind me. I turned to see the other guard struggling to take down the probes, and I as I was flying over to help, I watched as a probe he was trying to take down barely made it through the gate, and then the one after it make it through as well, failing the mission. I never did figure out where the 5th player was in that team either.

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