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Originally Posted by fadmbambam View Post
#1 - While you may not consider the Intel graphics a GPU, STO does and says it's supported. It worked fine through Season 6 (although definitely not at high quality.)

#2 - I use very high end GPUs (>$500) on my big computers and have both ATI & NVidia. Both of these computers have the same symptoms - just not as bad as the Intel.

PWE has acknowledged that there's an issue - they just haven't fixed it.
True, STO says it is supported, making that statement before launch time, since then there have been significant changes in Intel's graphics architecture.
It does work without issue on my laptop, which does have Intel 965 Graphics. I never go into PvP on my laptop though, as that would be suicide.
I've heard of many games that do run on this older graphics chip, having issues with the integrated graphics in the i5/i7/etc.

I'm merely stating that you shouldn't EXPECT it to work, just because it worked in the past.
While STO does have timeships, unfortunately the developers themselves have no access to time travel.

Edit: Kerrilyn does have a good point there, about graceful exits upon failure. It shouldn't just 'vanish' from the screen. As it is, I highly reccomend trying the fix I found. Install TeamSpeak 3 and start the 'overlay' plugin. You do not have to be connected to a server, it just works.

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