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01-03-2013, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by sandormen123 View Post
Done. Changed around a little bit on the abilities.

The setup the ship is running with, for trial and error is as such:

TT1, T:HY2, C:RF2
T:HY1, TT2, C:SV2, APO3

ET1, EPtS2
EPtW1, ET2


Next step is to find the right Boffs.
Damned be the randomness and prices of Purples.

As things are now, i can easily see myself exchanging the torps with a Kinetic Cutting Beam and an Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher. If I can make it fly with 2x 3-Sets, I'll be happy.
It will depend on how slow the torps go. My idea is to rear mount it, so i can drop it on my foes head when i make a bypass.
Finding the right boffs is pretty easy for the abilities you selected, unless you're hunting efficient traits. Just make sure to select the Bridge Officer category on the Exchange, not the 'All' tab. It's a little bugged ATM. Boffs with APO3 go for less than 50K EC in my experience, and the rest of your abilities can be found at the BoFF trainer on Earth Spacedock.