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01-03-2013, 08:47 AM
Hi all,

With all the goings on about how to make PVP more accessible for the new ppl who would like to venture into it, i.e the boot camp, the upcoming tournament, more ppl in Opvp channel I was happy to see that it looked like pvp was heading in the right direction..then came today.

Thought about getting in a few matches before the Shard came down for maintainence in the FvK ques..Trouble is i have to PUG my matches as the fleet im in on klink side 95% of them dont PVP. Entered a match on Arena FvK, looked at the names on my team and then looked at the opposition. 4 Tsi on fed side..ok no problem, especially as i see 1 of the ppl on my team i have played with before and thought hes a good player, should be fun..We lost 15-6 i believe..customary gg at end and this person on my team says u will never beat TSI in pvp. I replied no i havent either and the same goes with the pandas but you have to at least try.

Qued again in Arena, the que pops quick..Checks again this person is on my side again. Check the opposition, TSI again.. "Lol not again" i put in zone chat, then this person who is on my team decides to cloak and hide for the entire match, totally gimping me and the other 2 players who are willing to fight with with pride and honour. This person actually said in chat that he refuses to fight against TSI and decided to watch..expecting this game to be over in seconds. My other team mates also said to him to get in and fight. Yet he totally refused.

We lost 15-4 and considering there was only 3 of us i was happy with the result as we gave them a dam good fight. This person also commented in zone chat when it was 9-3 i believe "WOW i thought this match would of been finished a long time ago".

Even the opposition commented on this person refusal to fight and like i said at the start i had fought along side this person in FvK ques a few times and i thought he was a strong player. Well i was wrong big time and TBH this is one of the 1st ppl i have ever seen on klingon side to refuse to fight or go AFK for the match.

I dont have the luxury of being in a premade and like i said i PUG all the time.Yet in all my time of Pugging i have never refused to fight a premade team. Hell if anything i believe it has made me a stronger player. Now i must emphasise it wasnt a full 5 man premade of TSI it was like 4 or 3 of them. I really hope this was a one off incident as i said before i have never seen a klink go AFK in a game.

On a side note im hoping to enter this tournament at the end of this month and was wondering how would i go about entering it if all i do is PUG. Would i be teamed with other ppl in my situation or would i be unable to enter. As i know a lot of my fleet wont PVP.

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