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01-03-2013, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by jamienx02 View Post
I'm about to get my breen cruiser as soon as the game is up and running, but have no more ship slots. I'm somewhat of a sentimental soul, and so have still got all my previous ships, plus the Chimera, plus the 2 ships I got with EC's to get the tachyon inversion and hyperdrive cooldown consoles before they went in to the c-store as it was back then. Are either of those of any use or should I just chuck them? Think one's a nebula and I cant remember the other one.

I've heard rumblings of your old ships coming back to support you in a future mission, or is that a pipe-dream? If that is coming, I'll need to get rid of my little start-up ship.
Just pony up some zen and buy new slots for ships. Dil to Zen conversion is cheap right now, so I would say there is never a better time to buy zen.

Yes, for future seasons, the Devs did entertain the idea of having your old ships coming support you in battle or go off on their own missions commanded by some of your BOFFs.