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01-03-2013, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by wbgron1 View Post
Brandon...Just for my own curiosity can you give me the Spec of the server/s you use for STO etc??


you know the basics and do any of the servers run VMWare?
A wild guess would be they are running multiple Oracle DB RAC clusters under a tier-1 supported platform, probably RHEL or Oracle Linux.

If they are using any form of VM hosts, it's likely to be Oracle's to maintain tier-1 support, but I doubt they are even doing so on a system with such a heavy load. You usually only virtualize DB servers when you want to run lots of small DBs on a small hardware footprint, which is not likely to apply to a big MMO like this.

For hardware, I would guess multitudes of HP, Dell or IBM blade servers with Intel procs with as few cores as possible per blade to keep licensing costs down. RAM is likely as much as the blades will hold, likely 128 or 256 gigs per blade. Storage is almost certainly some sort of SAN array from a major vendor like EMC, Hiachi or IBM.

It's possible that they have gone big and are using IBM mainframes running AIX, but for the most part people are moving away from that to cut costs.

Just to finish this off, I doubt you will ever get an answer from the team about this. You hardly ever hear an enterprise-level company giving out hardware specs to its users.

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