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01-03-2013, 09:01 AM
Yeah, I know of the loser who refused to fight. He was mentioned in OPvP before it went down. He's a sore winner and loser. If he's on your team, expect a total nub and a useless wanker.

It's not like it's easy enough to get queues to pop and yet you have people who want to deliberately sabotage the game.


General note to people who warp out on premades or hate premades:

FFS, if you hate being wtfpwned in queues, make a damn pugmade in OPvP, that's what it is there for. If you queue solo expect anything, so don't complain.

I can easily find one guy or two most of the time that I can queue with. If you have no one on, then just make a request in the chat channel.

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