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01-03-2013, 09:04 AM
As a new (7 weeks) f2p player who has spent more on zen than 3 months gold sub... I guess you make some good points. But this is a very simple quick grind. I have 4 days left until t5 Rom/Omega (I didn't start Rep system stuff for at least a week after hitting VA); many of the tier requisition items, 8k Omega marks, 2k Romarks, 180k+ unrefined dil, ~400 Neural Processors - and that's just on my Fed. My newer KDF (~4 weeks) is casually up to t3 on both, with spare marks, tons of BNPs, unrefined dil overflow. Credits have not been a problem, even been outfitting newer fleet members in gear... hell I spend ~20mill a week on lockbox keys just for fun.

6-12 ESTFs a day on each toon... done. Credits/Marks/Dil - easy. Now yes, if you have 10 toons... it's 5 times more effort than my 2 toons - but that math checks out.