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Originally Posted by sekritagent View Post
I'm not sure this was established canonly, but I thought Breen ships could cloak according to some throwaway dialogue on DS9 and TNG? Do I have that wrong?
As I'm sure many have said already, it has only ever been speculation from fans.

The only credit to that speculation is how the Breen managed to get so close to Earth (cloaking devices would have greatly enhanced their chances).

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
The explanation in the "Tales of the Dominion War" novel for the successful attack on the Sol System mentions the Breen using a holocloak (which we already have ingame) combined with firing their energy dampener at ESD to disable it.
Heh, it's one thing to knock out a fleet of Starships, but it's something else to knock out Earth Space Dock. Makes you wonder though, if they did have all them weapons (and the ability to take ships and stations offline with them) what defeated the Breen fleet?

Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Well, yes and no. Yes, the Romulans can install cloaks on most ships. But, no, it's not that easy. I remember in several episodes they mentioned that the cloak has to be precisely calibrated to match the energy signature of the ship.
Kirk and crew managed it just fine.