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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
Thought this games pvp was 85% balanced?
and it is. this wouldn't push the boundaries of damage, it just rearranges things slightly between the goal posts. it would just make a few things less worthless, and beam arrays better when someone puts effort into making them deal damage.

biggest reason im pushing for this is the inequity between kdf and fed cruisers tactically. you could set up a kdf cruiser to be a beam array heal boat like any fed cruiser, or you could make it a tactical force to be reckoned with, an escort replacement. cant do that on a fed cruiser, and why? theres no objective out of universe reason for it.

remember when FAW was dangerous? well normal beam arrays would be closer to that, but not quite. back in the lol faw days they were over powered, now they are pretty deeply underpowered. i see the change making them deal damage a bit more like the old FAW days, but it would only be to a single target at a time

and who doesn't think DCs need a buff? and why not make singles a more desirable weapon? the heavy single cannon already exists in game
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